If you have a fire or water emergency, please call us now at (586) 598-5050

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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

SERVPRO of Mount Clemens, New Baltimore is Tough on Fire Damage.

When fires damage our homes, finding the right starting place for restoration can be tough. At   SERVPRO® of Mount Clemens, New Baltimore, we want to help get you get back in your kitchen after smoke damage.

SERVPRO of Mount Clemens, New Baltimore

Unless you rigged the toaster oven to shoot flames up to the ceiling so you would never be asked to cook again, we want the kitchen to be available for your next adventure in cooking – or at least in eating.

Hey, things happen.

If something does happen, call us at 586-598-5050 as soon as everything is settled.  

Our emergency services are always available, so don’t worry about whether we’re open. Call as soon as you can.

Reasons to Call SERVPRO of Mount Clemens, New Baltimore

We are franchise professionals with substantial experience and training in remediating damage from fires, including:

  • Direct damage
    • Burned parts of the structure
    • Burned furniture, other belongings
    • Burned or damaged floors, ceilings, etc.
    • Smoke deposits
    • Charred wiring
    • Damaged drywall, insulation
    • Other
  • Indirect damage
    • Later-occurring smoke damage
    • Water damage from fire suppression
    • Corrosion from smoke or soot
    • Mold or other microbial growth from water
    • Lingering odors
    • Other

We reduce stress and save you money by working directly with most insurance companies.

We are Locally Owned and Operated.

Being local is one of the reasons we are Faster to any size disaster.

No job is too large, and no job is too small.


We’ve nagged you before, and we’ll nag you again, but remember that prevention means there will be no mess to clean up.

Assorted tips:

  • Don’t burn candles when you aren’t in the room to monitor them
  • Stay in the kitchen when you’re boiling or frying food
  • Stay nearby for every other kind of cooking, and check frequently
  • Don’t pile flammables on space heaters or near candles or ovens
  • Keep working smoke detectors in the house
  • Keep working fire extinguishers handy
  • Don’t overload extension cords

Time for Trivia!

Sometimes people miss the “good old days”, but when we look at the good old days, we’re grateful for them being in the past.

Jobs that no longer exist:

  • Leech collector – people rolled up their trousers, walked into ponds, and collected leeches for medicine.
  • Tosher – Cities paid men (only men) to go down into the sewer systems to find and bring up coins or lost items. Another ugh.

SERVPRO of Mount Clemens, New Baltimore

Our jobs won’t go away.