If you have a fire or water emergency, please call us now at (586) 598-5050

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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

If the Lake is Inside Your House, Call SERVPRO of Mount Clemens, New Baltimore.

When your pipes start to leak, sometimes a small drip can turn into a big problem. When your home experiences water damage, SERVPRO® of Mount Clemens, New Baltimore is Here to Help® with the cleanup.

SERVPRO of Mount Clemens, New Baltimore

Apparently, some old-time movie directors tried to convince audiences that villains tortured heroes by subjecting them to the sound of slowly dripping water. Homeowners were unconvinced, having learned that any dripping water inside the house counted as torture. In a way, the sound is a good thing – at least you find the leak quickly. If there’s no sound, you often don’t find the leak until there’s a major problem.

Once you find water damage, call for professional help as soon as you can get a phone. Yelling may feel better (but only for a moment), but it probably won’t reach us, so dial down the vocal volume and call SERVPRO of Mount Clemens, New Baltimore at 586-598-5050.

What to know about us:

  • Emergency services are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year
  • Licensed builders in Michigan
  • One of the leading cleaning and restoration companies
  • Experienced in mitigating water-damage emergencies of all types, including:
    • Burst pipes
    • Shower or tub overflows
    • Appliance mishaps
    • Sewage problems
    • Roof leaks (rain, storms, wind, or hail damage)
    • Floods
    • Pet mishaps
    • Other
  • Proprietary cleaning and disinfecting solutions
  • IICRC registered company

Ignoring Water Damage Won’t Make It Go Away

Ignoring a problem in hopes the problem will go away is a time-honored technique despite its abysmal success rate. It’s a technique that may have worked even less often than chance suggests it should.

If there is still water in the house, ignoring the damage means the problem will get worse.

Water continues to shred or swell or corrode or leach or harden whatever surface it is on until it is removed. Because water seeps into, under, or even up into surfaces, finding and removing the water may require specialized equipment and training, both of which we have at SERVPRO of Mount Clemens, New Baltimore.

Just to add insult to injury, if there is water hanging around for 24 to 48 hours, that’s long enough for mold or other microbial growth to develop.

Fortunately, we know how to battle and mitigate the damage from mold too.

Count on us to help you get your house and belongings back to their pre-water-damage conditions. We will:

  • Extract the excess water
  • Dehumidify
  • Dry the structure and belongings
  • Clean carpets and other floorings
  • Restore flooring, fabrics, and furniture from water damage
  • Mitigate mold damage
  • Eliminate odors
  • Clean and disinfect the entire home

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SERVPRO of Mount Clemens, New Baltimore