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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Choose SERVPRO of Mount Clemens, New Baltimore for Excellent Restoration from Fire Damage or Water Damage

Home is where real life happens… and sometimes real life means dealing with water or fire damage. Why choose SERVPRO® of Mount Clemens, New Baltimore to restore your home from fire or water damage? Because we are Here to Help restore homes from all kinds of damage.

Real Life has so Many Snags

In fiction, life is exciting. Even when bad things happen, the bad things are exciting, with boulders from outer space crashing into buildings, and motorcycles races blocking the express lanes in grocery stores…  

The point is that there’s never anything to clean up. There’s just excitement. In real life, we don’t think, “Hey, that oddly costumed guy in tights has nifty unearthly powers”; we think, “dang, who’s going to clean up all this mess?” or words to that effect.

In real life, no matter what happens, there is always something to clean up. Just think:


Evil doers break into a house, fight with the hero, make a mess in the kitchen, and leave without even bothering to close the screen door.

Real life:

First, whichever tough guy opened the door without knocking is getting a lecture on manners, and then getting drafted into helping repair the door. Second, …

Okay, you get the idea.

SERVPRO of Mount Clemens, New Baltimore Offers a Wide Range of Services

We have the training, equipment, and hands-on experience necessary to remediate damage and help restore property and belongings to preloss conditions.

Check our website for details.

In life, even when something small happens, the result isn’t just one small problem.  For example, suppose there’s a small, not unusual kitchen incident:

  1. Hot oil in a large saucepan or cooking pot
  2. Frozen fries go directly to the overly heated oil
  3. [whoosh!] fire
  4. Fortunately, you put the lid on the fire immediately
  5. Unfortunately, not quickly enough that the ceiling is unscathed, so
  6. There is a smoky/sooty residue on the kitchen ceiling, and
  7. The residue is spreading, and
  8. Your kids think it is hilarious

SERVPRO of Mount Clemens, New Baltimore can:

  • Remove the smoke and soot
  • Check whether the smoke or soot has corroded any electronics or wiring
  • Replace drywall
  • Repair other materials
  • Follow the air currents to find where else the smoke and soot have gone
  • Remove odors
  • Repaint

We cannot do anything about the kids

Here’s another scenario:

Perhaps the eldest was curious about how long the hot water lasted in a shower. Eldest needed to keep showering for a long time until the water turned icy. If, during his marathon shower, he found the room to steamy for his comfort and he parted the shower curtain, he would have allowed the water to dribble onto the floor, and perhaps into the floor and through the ceiling down onto the floor below.


That was a mess.

We need to bring out several water-damage remediation tools in our kit.

SERVPRO of Mount Clemens, New Baltimore